• Palladio by Guido Beltramini

Palladio by Guido Beltramini

Title:Palladio by Guido Beltramini
Author:Guido Beltramini
Publisher:Royal Academy of Arts
ISBN 10:1905711247
ISBN 13:9781905711246
Number of Pages:452
Year Published:

Book Summary

Although the sixteenth-century Italian master-architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) designed many classically inspired buildings among them a number of town palaces and other buildings in Vicenza, a series of villas in the Vicentine countryside, and three Venetian churches his reputation was principally made by his Quattro Libri dellArchitettura (1570). The work remained influential for many years after its publication, and was eventually to lead to a revival of Palladian style in northern Europe and elsewhere two centuries later. Published to celebrate the quincentenary of his birth, this lavishly produced volume presents Palladio's buildings in stunning photographs, revealing his ability to turn every project into a masterpiece of architectural form. Essays by leading authorities examine his life and achievement, and assess the enormous influence his work was to have on future generations of architects.

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