• CRYPT: Mask of Death by Andrew Hammond

CRYPT: Mask of Death by Andrew Hammond

Title:CRYPT: Mask of Death by Andrew Hammond
Author:Andrew Hammond
Publisher:Headline Publishing Group
ISBN 10:0755378237
ISBN 13:9780755378234
Number of Pages:336
Year Published:

Book Summary

A figure wearing a white mask swoops down a deserted hospital corridor towards a quarantined patient. Covered in black sores and writhing in agony the patient can't be saved by modern medicine. But then, the masked figure is not a modern doctor...

Bodies are being discovered all over London, all marked with the same black sores - it seems a contagious disease is spreading across the city. But when witnesses all report seeing the same mysterious masked figure it seems there's something more sinister going on.

This is a case for CRYPT: a team of elite teenage agents who use their extra sensory perception and arsenal of high-tech gadgets to investigate crimes that the police can't solve.

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