• The Big Adventure by Rex Stone

The Big Adventure by Rex Stone

Title:The Big Adventure by Rex Stone
Author:Rex Stone
Publisher:Oxford University Press
ISBN 10:0192792717
ISBN 13:9780192792716
Number of Pages:240
Year Published:

Book Summary

Discover the amazing secret of Dinosaur Cove in this bumper bind-up of the first three books in the series. In March of the Armoured Beasts Jamie and Tom have to try and rescue a baby ankylosaurus that's stuck in the mud. In Charge of the Three-horned Monster to avoid being trampled the boys hitch a ride on the back of a triceratops, and in Attack of the Lizard King, Jamie and Tom are pursued by the scariest dinosaur of all - the tyrannosaurus rex. Will they be able to outwit this ferocious beast? Join the boys on their first three Dinosaur Cove adventures and be transported to a prehistoric world. Here you'll smell the vegetation, hear the squawks and roars, but if the ground starts to shake - RUN!

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