• The Winged Horse Race by Kallie George

The Winged Horse Race by Kallie George

Title:The Winged Horse Race by Kallie George
Author:Kallie George
Publisher:Pan Macmillan
ISBN 10:1509885323
ISBN 13:9781509885329
Number of Pages:256
Year Published:

Book Summary

The Winged Horse Race is a breathtaking adventure from Kallie George, beautifully illustrated by Lucy Eldridge, with an ancient setting and a thoroughly modern heroine.

Pippa is a foundling working ina stables in ancient Greece, until one day she catches a glimpse of anenormous silver wing in the clouds. When she wakes the nextmorning on Mount Olympus, Pippa discovers that she has been selected as one ofthe riders in Zeus's Winged Horse Race. The winner's prize is immortality.

Pippa falls instantly in love with her easily-distracted young horse, Zeph and they quickly become a fantastic team, exploring the mountain and meetingthe interesting characters who live on Olympus. But as race day approaches, it's difficultfor Pippa to know who her real friends are and it's a tough job to outsmart the Gods and their games.

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