• Farm Animals: Sheep(Cased) by Rachael Bell

Farm Animals: Sheep(Cased) by Rachael Bell

Title:Farm Animals: Sheep(Cased) by Rachael Bell
Author:Rachael Bell
Publisher:Capstone Global Library Ltd
ISBN 10:0431133328
ISBN 13:9780431133324
Number of Pages:32
Year Published:

Book Summary

This introduction to sheep is part of a collection of titles designed to teach young children about farm animals. The titles adopt a factual, realistic approach and include discussion of: how and why the animals are reared; the daily life of the animals; and the life cycle of the featured animal. The titles are part of the Take-Off! series, which is designed to be used with nine-year-olds who are struggling to achieve the levels of literacy expected for their age. The books chosen have been based on best-selling titles within existing Heinemann Library series and meet all Key Stage 2 requirements for the subject area. The National Literacy Strategy emphasizes that children with special educational needs should work, wherever possible, with their peers within the Literacy Hour. The aim is to use structured, intensive teaching to enable as many children as possible to work at the appropriate level for their age.

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