• 100 Great Pasta Dishes by Ann Taruschio

100 Great Pasta Dishes by Ann Taruschio

Title:100 Great Pasta Dishes by Ann Taruschio
Author:Ann Taruschio
Publisher:Octopus Publishing Group
ISBN 10:1856266435
ISBN 13:9781856266437
Number of Pages:192
Year Published:

Book Summary

Ann and Franco Taruschio have long been a source of inspiration and knowledge in the world of Italian cuisine. Here--along with regional insights, historical information, and personal recollections--Ann and Franco offer up their 100 favorite pasta dishes from across Italy. Gorgeous photography and expert cooking tips complement classic and modern recipes, including Calabrian Lasagna, Pappardelle with Scallops and Pesto, Sicilian Pasticcio of Rigatoni, and Franco's famous interpretation of Vincisgrassi and other elaborate baked dishes. These regional recipes are supplemented with anecdotes as well as tips on how best to use ingredients like olive oil, tomatoes, and cheese. It is a godsend for those who love authentic Italian food.

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