• German Wines by Ian Jamieson

German Wines by Ian Jamieson

Title:German Wines by Ian Jamieson
Author:Ian Jamieson
Publisher:Faber & Faber
ISBN 10:0571141552
ISBN 13:9780571141555
Number of Pages:320
Year Published:

Book Summary

This book describes the achievements and the problems of the world of German wine. The author, a Master of Wine since 1970, explains the decline in the reputation of German wine over the last 20 years, but reveals how major improvements in grape growing and new marketing ideas are bringing the industry back to a leading position. Seventy per cent of German wine is drunk in Germany and so the home market, and its impact on the wine makers themselves is examined in detail. This book goes through the wine-producing regions, looking for the essential differences in their wines and the organization of their trade.

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