• Barking! by Liz Evans

Barking! by Liz Evans

Title:Barking! by Liz Evans
Author:Liz Evans
Publisher:Orion Publishing Co
ISBN 10:0752847937
ISBN 13:9780752847931
Number of Pages:352
Year Published:

Book Summary

Stuart Roberts is a mild-mannered, shy accountant suffering from nightmares in which he remembers committing a violent murder (possibly two), and he wants to know if they really happened. Grace doesn't want to take the case on the grounds that murders tend to mean there's someone who is prepared to kill around and she'd rather pass, thanks very much. However, these are killings with a difference: they took place nearly thirty years before Stuart was born. During his dreams Stuart becomes 'Joe' and has vivid recollections of life as a hop farmer's son, a world Stuart swears he knows absolutely nothing about. Despite her scepticism Grace has never been able to resist the lure of an unlimited expense account, so she takes the job. And then discovers that her client isn't quite what he appears to be ...

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