• Lie Down with the Devil by Linda Barnes

Lie Down with the Devil by Linda Barnes

Title:Lie Down with the Devil by Linda Barnes
Author:Linda Barnes
Publisher:St Martin's Press
ISBN 10:0312356455
ISBN 13:9780312356453
Number of Pages:320
Year Published:

Book Summary

Boston PI Carlotta Carlyle wants to know what her on-again, off-again boyfriend Sam Gianelli did to earn himself the secret indictment for murder that's keeping him out of the country. A man with plenty of secrets, Sam won't tell her anything, much less let her help - and she isn't having any more luck getting info from her old friends at the Boston PD. Sam's exile could have something to do with his mob connections, but it can't be that simple. Nothing involving Sam ever is. Finding no easy answers, Carlotta goes back to basics and takes a job working for a jittery bride-to-be who wants to make sure her fiance is being faithful. The case is simple enough - at first. But Carlotta catches the kind of break she wished he hadn't when her client ends up getting killed. Now, as she's hunting down a murderer, she can't help but wonder whether love itself isn't the ultimate dead end...

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