• Tart Noir: An Anthology by Stella Duffy

Tart Noir: An Anthology by Stella Duffy

Title:Tart Noir: An Anthology by Stella Duffy
Author:Stella Duffy
Publisher:Pan Macmillan
ISBN 10:0330487442
ISBN 13:9780330487443
Number of Pages:336
Year Published:

Book Summary

Tart Noir writers make their own rules. Part Philip Marlowe, part femme fatale, their heroines think it is entirely possible to save the world while wearing stiletto heels. Their morals are questionable and their actions are guaranteed to shock and delight.

From classic crime to magical anti-realism, hot sex to cold calculation, these stories cover all the bases. There are well loved series characters together with brand new ones, just panting for half a dozen books of their own. Stories long and short, knowing laughs and nasty glances. Some are light as air, others are downright transgressive. All are an experience you are unlikely to forget.

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