• The Edge by Jessie Keane

The Edge by Jessie Keane

Title:The Edge by Jessie Keane
Author:Jessie Keane
Publisher:Pan Macmillan
ISBN 10:1509854959
ISBN 13:9781509854950
Number of Pages:464
Year Published:

Book Summary

The unstoppable Ruby Darke returns as old enemies threaten her family in The Edge, a gripping gangland thriller from top ten bestselling author Jessie Keane.

With a mind sharper than a razor blade it was only a matter of time before Ruby Darke fought her way to the top. From humble beginnings she became the queen of London's retail, but she didn't get there by obeying the law.

Now with her son Kit and daughter Daisy finally by her side she's ready to start a new chapter in her life, but, unknown to all of them, enemies are circling.

There aren't many who threaten Ruby Darke and live to tell the tale. But this time, she may just have met her match.

If you live on the edge, you may just die on it . . .

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