• Black Lagoon, Vol. 4 by Rei Hiroe

Black Lagoon, Vol. 4 by Rei Hiroe

Title:Black Lagoon, Vol. 4 by Rei Hiroe
Author:Rei Hiroe
Publisher:Viz Media, Subs. of Shogakukan Inc
ISBN 10:1421518937
ISBN 13:9781421518930
Number of Pages:208
Year Published:

Book Summary

Lock n' load with the baddest soldiers of fortune ever to hit the high seas of Southeast Asia! Aboard their World War II era torpedo boat, the Black Lagoon, Dutch the Boss, Benny the Mechanic, Revy Two Hand, and Rock, the salary-man from Japan, deliver anything, anywhere. In the dangerous underworld of the Russian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Colombian drug cartels, crazed assassins, and ruthless mercenaries, it's hard to know who to trust. But if you've got a delivery to make, and you don't mind a little property damage along the way, you can count on the crew of the Black Lagoon!

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