• 3ds Max 8 Essentials by Autodesk

3ds Max 8 Essentials by Autodesk

Title:3ds Max 8 Essentials by Autodesk
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Ltd
ISBN 10:0240807901
ISBN 13:9780240807904
Number of Pages:772
Year Published:

Book Summary

Welcome to the Autodesk Media and Entertainment Official Training Courseware for 3ds Max 8 software! Consider this book an all-access pass to the production and training experience of Autodesk developers and training experts. Written for self-paced learning or instructor-led classroom training, the manual will teach you the fundamentals of using 3ds Max 8. The book is organized into sections dedicated to animation, modelling, materials, lighting and rendering. Each section covers basic theory, and then includes exercises for hands-on demonstration of the concept. By the end of the book, you will have mastered the basics and moved onto full-length projects. Flexibility is built in, so that you can complete the tutorials in the way that works best for you. Complete the book and you will be a seasoned 3ds Max pro, ready to work confidently in a production environment.

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