• 50 Fast Adobe Premiere 6.5 Techniques by P. Kennedy

50 Fast Adobe Premiere 6.5 Techniques by P. Kennedy

Title:50 Fast Adobe Premiere 6.5 Techniques by P. Kennedy
Author:P. Kennedy
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN 10:0764524453
ISBN 13:9780764524455
Number of Pages:380
Year Published:

Book Summary

This title covers the latest release of Adobe Premiere, the world's most popular digital video editing application. It includes 50 easy, fast, and exciting effects that users can achieve immediately. It enables both pros and hobbyists alike to create cool video effects quickly by following straightforward, step-by-step instructions. It offers in-depth discussions of features and techniques allow readers to make necessary adjustments to their own videos. The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the video clips from the book, tryouts, and valuable utilities. The 50 Fast series shows readers how to get amazing, cutting-edge results with today's leading graphics, Web design, and digital video software. Each lavishly illustrated book delivers 50 step-by-step tricks of the trade that are easy to learn and impressive to look at, along with a CD-ROM with before-and-after examples and tryout software.

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