• Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Video Training Book by Richard Shupe

Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Video Training Book by Richard Shupe

Title:Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Video Training Book by Richard Shupe
Author:Richard Shupe
Publisher:Pearson Education (US)
ISBN 10:0321445511
ISBN 13:9780321445513
Number of Pages:168
Year Published:

Book Summary

Benefit from the best of both mediums--video-based training and a printed guide! Each Lynda.comVideo Training Book offers hours of instructor-led video instruction, complete with a step-by-step, printed book to guide readers through each tutorial. The video tutorials let readers learn at their own pace, while the book offers a complete reference, helping readers identify the video tutorials they want to watch (timecodes are printed in the book), giving them the exercise files they need, and highlighting important keyboard shortcuts, tips, notes, and practical advice.

In Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Video Training Book, readers learn how to use the full set of drawing, animation, and interactive tools in Flash CS3. They'll learn to integrate type, graphics, audio, and video, as well to use slide shows, pop-up menus, and scrolling text. Finally, readers will learn how to use the new powerful integration features with Photoshop and Illustrator and discover new Shape Primitives (expanding your ability to use and manipulate shapes), a new Pen tool that functions like that found in Illustrator, a new ability to convert animations to ActionScript 3, a brand new unified interface matching that of others in the Creative Suite, and much more.

This new series offers creative professionals the tools they need to get up to speed quickly and affordably-a Video Training Book is a great alternative to a weekend crash course! The Video Training Book series features the proven teaching methods of lynda.com and of authors and industry experts, such as Deke McClelland, Chris Orwig, Garrick Chow, and David Blatner, who make learning an engaging experience, bringing clarity to new or difficult concepts and software programs.

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