• AutoCAD 14 by David S. Cohn

AutoCAD 14 by David S. Cohn

Title:AutoCAD 14 by David S. Cohn
Author:David S. Cohn
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
ISBN 10:007882530X
ISBN 13:9780078825309
Number of Pages:1056
Year Published:

Book Summary

Maximize your technical drafting and design productivity with AutoCAD 14, the fastest and most refined version of this top-rated design software. AutoCAD 14: The Complete Reference covers everything from 2-D drawing to working with external databases and shows you how to take advantage of all the new features, such as the Windows interface, smarter drawing tools, little-known bonus tools, built-in rendering capabilities, the SQL environment, and a wealth of internet file-sharing and publishing capabilities. Whether you're a student, architect, technical designer, or mechanical engineer, this one-stop tutorial and reference demonstrates how both beginners and experts can get the most out of this exceptional software.

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