• CorelDRAW Studio Techniques by Dave Huss

CorelDRAW Studio Techniques by Dave Huss

Title:CorelDRAW Studio Techniques by Dave Huss
Author:Dave Huss
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
ISBN 10:0078824508
ISBN 13:9780078824500
Number of Pages:288
Year Published:

Book Summary

This guide to the techniques of using CorelDRAW contains step-by-step detailed tutorials that teach how to use the product's features to create the sample images displayed. Readers can learn to create special effects: etched glass, realistic fire, stained glass, embossed images, photo-collages, 3D images and metallic colouring. The product is actually a graphics suite containing three separate applications: DRAW, PHOTO-PAINT and DREAM-3D.

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