• Digital Art Revolution by Scott Ligon

Digital Art Revolution by Scott Ligon

Title:Digital Art Revolution by Scott Ligon
Author:Scott Ligon
Publisher:Watson-Guptill Publications
ISBN 10:0823095363
ISBN 13:9780823095360
Number of Pages:256
Year Published:

Book Summary

This is the essential guide to creating original digital artwork that takes Photoshop beyond the technical and into the creative realm. The progressive structure allows for a broad audience, from the beginner to the technically advanced. It includes work by more than 40 noted artists that shows a range of possible creative outcomes. In this book, digital artist Scott Ligon demonstrates the varied and amazing creative potential of digital art, all from a truly 'fine art' perspective. Beginning with an overview of the fundamentals of visual language and how to apply those principals to digital art, Ligon then details a step-by-step summary of the basics of the Photoshop environment. Each chapter that follows presents a series of exercises and projects that explore the creative possibilities inherent in the medium. While geared toward Photoshop beginners in early chapters, the book builds on presented concepts and offers techniques and projects of increasing complexity. It includes the inspiring work of a wide array of digital artists.

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