• Graphics File Formats by David C. Kay

Graphics File Formats by David C. Kay

Title:Graphics File Formats by David C. Kay
Author:David C. Kay
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
ISBN 10:0070340250
ISBN 13:9780070340251
Number of Pages:496
Year Published:

Book Summary

This text features detailed specifications for 30 popular graphics file formats so that readers can more quickly and easily decide which standards are best for their applications. New to this edition are chapters on formats important to multimedia and video, including MPEG, FL1 and QuickTime; expanded discussion of data compression; and coverage of format updates, such as TIFF 6.0. Readers can also get updated information on: JPEG; GEM bit image; Windows BMP; PostScript; HP PCL; CGM; GIF; Targa; MacPaint; PICT; Windows Metafile; and Lotus PIC. This book should be of interest to software developers, systems managers and computer hobbyists.

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