• Multimedia: Making it Work, Seventh Edition by Tay Vaughan

Multimedia: Making it Work, Seventh Edition by Tay Vaughan

Title:Multimedia: Making it Work, Seventh Edition by Tay Vaughan
Author:Tay Vaughan
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
ISBN 10:0072264519
ISBN 13:9780072264517
Number of Pages:514
Year Published:

Book Summary

Thoroughly Updated for the Latest Advances in Multimedia

Learn the fundamental concepts and essential skills required for a successful career in multimedia from this bestselling guide. Multimedia: Making It Work, Seventh Edition shows you how to use text, images, sound, and video to deliver compelling messages and content in meaningful ways. You will learn to design, organize, and produce multimedia projects such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, and professional web sites. Each chapter includes step-by-step instructions, full-color illustrations and screenshots, self-quizzes, and hands-on projects.

Inside this book, you will learn how to:

  • Master the building blocks of multimedia, including text, images, audio, video, and animation
  • Record, process, and edit digital audio
  • Work with bitmap, vector, and 3-D images
  • Create vivid computer animations
  • Shoot and edit digital video
  • Select the best hardware, software, and authoring tools for your needs
  • Design dynamic Web content
  • Determine the scope and cost of a multimedia project
  • Acquire the appropriate content and best talent
  • Prepare and deliver a professional multimedia project

Each chapter includes:

  • Learning objectives
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Helpful notes, tips, and warnings
  • Chapter summaries and key term lists
  • End-of-chapter quizzes and lab projects

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