• Photoshop Type Effects Gone Wild by Al Ward

Photoshop Type Effects Gone Wild by Al Ward

Title:Photoshop Type Effects Gone Wild by Al Ward
Author:Al Ward
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN 10:0470042923
ISBN 13:9780470042922
Number of Pages:290
Year Published:

Book Summary

Words have power. When you can create letters made of mercury, carve your words into stone, or duplicate the look of the one of a kind type from a famous logo, the power is all yours. So let's jump right in and put your product name on that very familiar soup can...create a network news splash screen...personalize car tires...etch your message into a bar of soap. This book presents wonderfully entertaining techniques, that will take your current Photoshop skills to the wild side! Launch your own cereal box with a logo, splashy image, and text. Rock on - develop a band logo that can be stamped on a CD, or create a video game jewel case. Design text and logos with popular sci fi looks. Create a tattoo that appears to be embedded under the skin. Get the word out - advertise on a blimp or put your message into a movie themed poster. The bonus CD-ROM includes all the photos, starting images, and supplementary files needed for each tutorial.

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