• Practical Poser 6 by Denise Tyler

Practical Poser 6 by Denise Tyler

Title:Practical Poser 6 by Denise Tyler
Author:Denise Tyler
Publisher:Cengage Learning, Inc
ISBN 10:1584504439
ISBN 13:9781584504436
Number of Pages:540
Year Published:

Book Summary

Practical Poser 6 is written to teach beginning to intermediate Poser users the many new enhancements in Poser 6. Using interesting, practical tutorials, the book helps beginners get up to speed effectively, and provides new insights for the more intermediate users. The chapters and tutorials appear in the order that the tasks would actually be done to illustrate a typical work flow. Topics covered range from basic techniques (such as how to add, clothe, and pose Poser figures), to creating multi-charactered scenes. Users will learn how to modify faces in the Face Room, the differences between modeled and dynamic hair and how and when to use them, the different types of clothing and how to work with them, and how to use the material room to create and assign different textures. Advanced topics are also covered, including how to model a basic clothing article in Shade, how to UV map and texture it, how to assign groups and materials, and how to make it work in Poser. The final section of the book deals with how to get the must out of the render, and how to use third-party programs to improve renders or composite movies. This is a must have resource to mastering the tools of Poser 6. Practical Poser 6: teaches beginning Poser 6 users the ins-and-outs of the program; provides intermediate users with insights to the enhanced features and advanced capabilities; explains how to add, clothe, and pose figures and how to create Multi-charactered scenes; details how to add realism with lighting, textures, and camera angles; shows how to modify faces and add modeled or dynamic hair; provides lessons on modeling your own basic clothing; teaches how to use 3rd party programs to improve the render, and covers movie editing; and includes a companion CD-ROM with all the files for the tutorials in the book, figures from the book, and 3rd party demos.

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