• Using Drupal by Jeff Robbins

Using Drupal by Jeff Robbins

Title:Using Drupal by Jeff Robbins
Author:Jeff Robbins
Publisher:O'Reilly Media, Inc, USA
ISBN 10:0596515804
ISBN 13:9780596515805
Number of Pages:494
Year Published:

Book Summary

With the recipes in this book, you can take full advantage of the vast collection of community-contributed modules that make the Drupal web framework useful and unique. You'll get the information you need about how to combine modules in interesting ways (with a minimum of code-wrangling) to develop a variety of community-driven websites. Each chapter describes a case study and outlines specific requirements for one of several projects included in the book -- a wiki, publishing workflow site, photo gallery, product review site, online store, user group site, and more. With Using Drupal, you will: * Get an overview of Drupal concepts and key modules introduced in each chapter, with a bird's-eye view of each module's specialty and how it works * Explore various solutions within Drupal that meet the requirements for the project, with details about which modules are selected and why * Learn how to configure modules, with step-by-step recipes for building the precise functionality the project requires * Get information on additional modules that will make the project even more powerful * Be able to access the modules used in the chapter, along with other resources Newcomers will find a thorough introduction to the framework, while experienced Drupal developers will learn best practices for building powerful websites. With Using Drupal, you'll find concrete and creative solutions for developing the exact community website you have in mind.

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