• WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley Silver

WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley Silver

Title:WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley Silver
Author:Tessa Blakeley Silver
Publisher:Packt Publishing Limited
ISBN 10:1847193099
ISBN 13:9781847193094
Number of Pages:224
Year Published:

Book Summary

Theme design can be approached from two angles. The first is simplicity; sometimes it suits the client and/or the site to go as bare-bones as possible. In that case, it's quick and easy to take a very basic, pre-made theme and modify it. The second is Unique and Beautiful. Occasionally, the site's theme needs to be created from scratch so that everything displayed caters to the specific kind of content the site offers. This book is going to take you through the Unique and Beautiful route with the idea that once you know how to create a theme from scratch, you'll be more apt at understanding what to look for in other WordPress themes. This book can be used by WordPress users or visual designers (with no server-side scripting or programming experience) who are used to working with the common industry-standard tools like PhotoShop and Dreamweaver or other popular graphic, HTML, and text editors. Regardless of your web development skill-set or level, you'll be walked through the clear, step-by-step instructions, but familiarity with a broad range of web development skills and WordPress know-how will allow you to gain maximum benefit from this book.

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