• Collins Business German by stephen clarke

Collins Business German by stephen clarke

Title:Collins Business German by stephen clarke
Author:stephen clarke
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 10:0004336240
ISBN 13:9780004336244
Number of Pages:288
Year Published:

Book Summary

Designed to be used in the office or slipped into a briefcase, this guide to business German contains 12,000 words and phrases for business situations. The wordlists cover over 20 business fields, arranged by topic for easier reference, in such subjects as accounting, advertising, computing, the EEC, finance, import/export, insurance, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Example sentances within each topic show how to use these words in context. The dictionary also offers practical assistance in expressing oneself in French in a variety of contexts such as letter-writing and telephoning, giving a talk, conducting a meeting, applying for jobs, recruiting staff, using numbers, times and dates.

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