• Collins Pocket German Grammar by Ilse MacLean

Collins Pocket German Grammar by Ilse MacLean

Title:Collins Pocket German Grammar by Ilse MacLean
Author:Ilse MacLean
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 10:0004701569
ISBN 13:9780004701561
Number of Pages:253
Year Published:

Book Summary

This German grammar is designed as a companion to the Collins Pocket German Dictionary and the Collins Pocket German Verb Tables. Designed to help students of German of all ages and at all levels, this title offers the user a clear, uncluttered step-by-step guide to the grammar of the language. The list of grammatical topics is arranged for maximum accessibility and the innovative use of colour helps the user to pick out the relevant learning point. Information is presented in tabular form, in a clear, attractive typography, to facilitate teaming and for ease of reference. The grammar points are accompanied by detailed examples and translations to help the student. Problem areas - such as tense usage, where German may differ markedly from English - are identified, and the user's attention is drawn to individual instances where language differences should be noted. In addition, there are sections on sentence structure, the use of numbers and punctuation. A full index, including both grammatical topics and key words in German and English, gives the user immediate access to the solution to his or her grammar query.

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