• Collins Pocket German Verb Tables by

Collins Pocket German Verb Tables by

Title:Collins Pocket German Verb Tables by
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 10:0004701534
ISBN 13:9780004701530
Number of Pages:254
Year Published:

Book Summary

This is a companion to the Collins Pocket German Dictionary and the Collins Pocket German Grammar. The main part of the text consists of 200 fully conjugated German verbs, regular and irregular. All major tenses are clearly shown in full, with pronouns, and the innovative use of colour helps the user to pick out the correct conjugation. In addition, the index lists 2,000 widely used verbs, each cross-referred to one of the 200 models to enable the user quickly to find or check any form of any common verb. The detailed introduction provides information about verbs and how to use them, with special emphasis on the differences between German and English usage. This book is a reference tool for students of German of all ages and at all levels, as well as for those who need a readily accessible checklist of German verb patterns.

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