• Collins Speak French by Harper Uk

Collins Speak French by Harper Uk

Title:Collins Speak French by Harper Uk
Author:Harper Uk
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 10:0007276982
ISBN 13:9780007276981
Number of Pages:144
Year Published:

Book Summary

A complete language package including a full-colour modular book, two audio CDs that can be used independently of it and a free companion website containing interactive activities. The book is split into three sections: 1. The Dialogue Zone contains 16 conversations based on everyday situations, from ordering food to feeling unwell; you can access these by reading the book or by listening to the CD. 2. The Word Zone lists all the words you're likely to need. 3. The Nuts and Bolts Zone gives you the basics of the language, such as grammatical principles and sample verbs. The free companion website contains interactive activities linked to the Dialogue Zone of the book.

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