• Easy Spanish: Photo Phrase Book by Collins

Easy Spanish: Photo Phrase Book by Collins

Title:Easy Spanish: Photo Phrase Book by Collins
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 10:0007208332
ISBN 13:9780007208333
Number of Pages:192
Year Published:

Book Summary

Why don't things abroad work the same way as they do at home, especially when they look so familiar? An illustrated phrase book for situations where you don't need words, plus those essential phrases when you do.

How were you to know that you had to leave bags in a locker before going round the supermarket? Or that you have to punch your bus ticket in a machine next to the driver?

Find out essential information like this as well as how to decipher hundreds of signs in the streets, on the motorway, in train stations.

This new generation of phrase book combines highly illustrated practical information (with specially commissioned photos) together with essential phrases

Collins Easy Photo phrase books - the key to hassle-free travel

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