• French: Beginner Plus (Collins Language Revolution) by Tony Buzan

French: Beginner Plus (Collins Language Revolution) by Tony Buzan

Title:French: Beginner Plus (Collins Language Revolution) by Tony Buzan
Author:Tony Buzan
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 10:0007255950
ISBN 13:9780007255955
Number of Pages:208
Year Published:

Book Summary

Do you want to improve your French using a learning style that suits you? Why not Mind Map your way to fluency?
Following the huge success of the Language Revolution Beginner level, international best-selling author and inventor of Mind Maps (R) Tony Buzan continues on his quest to alter the way language is learnt - forever.

Collins Language Revolution Beginner Plus is:
Flexible - Whether you are completely new to Mind Mapping or already a convert to Tony Buzan's revolutionary language learning techniques, you can reach a new level of conversational ability with Beginner Plus.
Fun and easy - All you need is your imagination, a sense of humour and coloured pens.
Effective - Mind Maps (R) are a system proven to successfully unlock your brain's potential for learning and memory, and are used by many of the world's most successful politicians, business leaders and educators.

Unit 1: Welcome
Unit 2: What do you do?
Unit 3: I feel like ...
Unit 4: In touch
Unit 5: At home
Unit 6: At the estate agent's
Unit 7: Time passes ...
Unit 8: Travelling
Unit 9: A wedding
Unit 10: Congratulations!

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