• Practising Spanish Grammar by Angela Howkins

Practising Spanish Grammar by Angela Howkins

Title:Practising Spanish Grammar by Angela Howkins
Author:Angela Howkins
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Ltd
ISBN 10:1444137700
ISBN 13:9781444137705
Number of Pages:248
Year Published:

Book Summary

This third edition of PRACTISING SPANISH GRAMMAR offers you a wide variety of exercises that put Spanish grammar into practice so you can understand better how the language is used today.


  • a glossary that explains grammatical terms clearly, providing you with a useful reference guide to the tools of the language
  • level indicators with all exercises to help you progress at your own pace
  • translations for key words within the exercises so you can work without having to stop and refer to a dictionary
  • answers to all the exercises so you can use this book in class or at home
  • a range of exercise types that cater for different learning strategies to help build your confidence in Spanish.

    With its broad variety of brand-new and revised exercises designed to stimulate and engage even the most grammar-shy students, this third edition can be used independently or as the ideal companion to the new fifth edition of the widely acclaimed A NEW REFERENCE GRAMMAR OF MODERN SPANISH FIFTH EDITION by John Butt and Carmen Benjamin.

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