• The Words We Use by Diarmaid O' Muirithe

The Words We Use by Diarmaid O' Muirithe

Title:The Words We Use by Diarmaid O' Muirithe
Author:Diarmaid O' Muirithe
ISBN 10:0717140806
ISBN 13:9780717140800
Number of Pages:320
Year Published:

Book Summary

Diarmaid O Muirithe's column Words We Use has been a feature of The Irish Times over many years. Written in the author's typically modest, witty and sympathetic style, it displays prodigious learning lightly worn and is a delight for all who are interested in and fascinated by the meaning of words. Diarmaid O Muirithe is a lexicographer and etymologist. He explains the origins of words, where they come from, and why we use some of the expressions we do. His knowledge and erudition in languages, ancient and modern, is enormous. With sections from Computers and Shakespeare, Political Correctness, Magic and Monsters to Text Messaging, Words We Use is simply a joy.

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