• Winchester Through Time by Anne-Louise Barton

Winchester Through Time by Anne-Louise Barton

Title:Winchester Through Time by Anne-Louise Barton
Author:Anne-Louise Barton
Publisher:Amberley Publishing
ISBN 10:1445612739
ISBN 13:9781445612737
Number of Pages:96
Year Published:

Book Summary

Winchester, the ancient capital of Wessex, has a rich and fascinating history. From the time of its Iron Age settlements, rulers, bishops and inhabitants over the last two millennia have left their mark on the city. Anglo Saxon street plans, medieval gateways and castles still preside, as do buildings of religious and scholarly importance. It is this history, tinged with myths and legends, and tales of our most celebrated monarch King Alfred, which attracts people from all around the world. Centuries later, early photographs show social scenes and economic growth. This progress brought inevitable redevelopment, especially in the 1950s and 1960s, leaving some streets untouched and others with hardly a single old building left standing. On the whole Winchester has preserved its heritage, providing a fine backdrop for contemporary events. Where scenes are seemingly unchanged it is always satisfying to view them again through a modern lens.

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