• Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah

Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah

Title:Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah
Author:Kristin Hannah
Publisher:Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN 10:0857501534
ISBN 13:9780857501530
Number of Pages:368
Year Published:

Book Summary

Thirty-eight-year-old Mikaela Campbell lies in a coma. She's surrounded by her family: Liam, her devoted husband, and their two children Jacey and Lee. Her doctors have all but given up on Mikaela's recovery, but Liam knows there's one person in the world who might have the power to wake her - her first husband, Julian. An actor of world reknown, with devastating looks and money to burn, Julian was Mikaela's first, wildly explosive love. They met when they were young, and married after only a month. After a year, Mikaela asked Julian to choose between family life and the fast lane: he chose his career, and Mikaela chose her daughter, Jacey, and left Hollywood. Mikaela hasn't seen Julian for fourteen years and chose to keep the details of her first marriage a secret from her family. Years later in western Washington state, Mikaela met Liam and settled down to a quiet life. They had another child and established a stable, content family, but during Mikaela's coma, Liam discovers the secret of her past with Julian. Liam knows that by letting Julian into their lives, he could risk losing her forever, but he'll do anything just to see his wife wake up and smile again. This one selfless act sets in motion a journey of self-discovery for all of them.

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