• Noir by Ken Champion

Noir by Ken Champion

Title:Noir by Ken Champion
Author:Ken Champion
ISBN 10:1326781464
ISBN 13:9781326781460
Number of Pages:186
Year Published:

Book Summary

This is Ken ChampionOs best novel to date. Tightly written and surprising, its main character, Vincent, is one of the authorOs O vivid working class men who, after a university education, lives a life at once rich in social observation and sense perceptions and awash with anger at a world that doesn't allow any real integration between his roots and present life. A professor of racially diverse adult students and a wanderer through London, Vincent begins an emotionally intriguing journey with a woman who lives in the vintage clothes of a past era, the story line following their relationship. The end is determined both by VincentOs dissatisfactions and by the shock of the brutal, random events of real life. ItOs an unusual, gripping book. Meredith Sue Willis, Hamilton Stone Review, USA (2016)

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