• Playing the Game by Belle De Jour

Playing the Game by Belle De Jour

Title:Playing the Game by Belle De Jour
Author:Belle De Jour
Publisher:Orion Publishing Co
ISBN 10:1409100472
ISBN 13:9781409100478
Number of Pages:320
Year Published:

Book Summary

Game over? Belle is starting to wonder if she should call time on the call girl business...get a day job, a life free from secrets and have a 'normal' relationship with the Boy. But will Belle cope with the nine-to-five, a staggering decline in her underwear budget and no more paid sex? As Belle explores life and love after the game, her story is frank, smart and refreshingly honest. Punctuated with advice, anecdotes and reflections in her inimitable voice, this is a novel of secrets and lies, scabrous wit and more than a little lust.

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