• The Reserve by Russell Banks

The Reserve by Russell Banks

Title:The Reserve by Russell Banks
Author:Russell Banks
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN 10:0747596530
ISBN 13:9780747596530
Number of Pages:304
Year Published:

Book Summary

July, 1936. Vanessa Cole, notorious for her scandalous affairs with the rich and famous, has returned to her parents' home after the collapse of her second marriage. Rumours are rife as the family gathers to celebrate the 4th of July at the Adirondack Camp deep in their privately-owned wilderness, The Reserve, only to be interrupted by Jordan Groves, who brazenly lands his bi-plane on the pristine Second Lake. Groves is easy prey for Vanessa's blend of electrifying charm and destructiveness. But in order to protect his two young sons and his marriage, he must try to keep his distance. Especially when it becomes clear that Vanessa carries a deeply scarring family secret.

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