• The Selected Short Stories by Jeffrey Archer

The Selected Short Stories by Jeffrey Archer

Title:The Selected Short Stories by Jeffrey Archer
Author:Jeffrey Archer
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 10:0001056298
ISBN 13:9780001056299
Year Published:

Book Summary

Collected together in one volume, some of the best short stories of Britain's bestselling author, `the greatest storyteller of our age' - Mail on Sunday.

Millions of readers around the world have relished Jeffrey Archer's short stories. His first collection, A Quiver Full of Arrows, was acclaimed by The Times as `stylish, witty and entertaining...Jeffrey Archer has a natural aptitude for short stories.' Publishers Weekly wrote: `Somerset Maugham never penned anything so swift or urbanely witty as this.'

Of his second collection, A Twist in the Tale, the New York Times said: `Jeffrey Archer plays a subtle cat-and-mouse game with the reader in twelve original stories that end, more often than not, with our collective whiskers twitching in surprise', and The Times concluded that it was `certain to delight his many fans'.

His third, Twelve Red Herrings, was described by the Daily Express as `outstanding...white-knuckle suspense and witty denouements', and by the Daily Mail as `an exemplary collection of short stories'.

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