• The Trouble with Ally by Sheila Norton

The Trouble with Ally by Sheila Norton

Title:The Trouble with Ally by Sheila Norton
Author:Sheila Norton
Publisher:Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN 10:0749906456
ISBN 13:9780749906450
Number of Pages:240
Year Published:

Book Summary

Ally Bridgeman is in big trouble. Her career is going nowhere; she has a cantankerous mother, and two daughters with far more exiting love-lives than she ever had. Even her ex-husband has found himself an annoyingly perfect trophy girlfriend while all Ally is left with is an unreliable car and an elderly cat. But when she discovers her daughters are about to throw her a surprise birthday party to celebrate an age she'd rather commiserate reaching, Ally decides enough is enough. So she tells a little white lie and gains a year's reprieve. But one white lie leads to another...And when Ally finds herself attracting the attentions of a younger man, she decides to shed a few more years and have the time of her life...

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