• We're In Trouble by Christopher Coake

We're In Trouble by Christopher Coake

Title:We're In Trouble by Christopher Coake
Author:Christopher Coake
Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN 10:0141019255
ISBN 13:9780141019253
Number of Pages:320
Year Published:

Book Summary

'I would like to claim that I discovered Christopher Coake but you can't really discover writers like this: the quality of the work is so blindingly obvious he was never going to labour in obscurity for any length of time ... We're In Trouble is, for the most part, a book about death - quite often, about how death affects the young ... Sometimes, when you're reading the stories, you forget to breathe, which probably means that you read them with more speed than the writer intended ... They're beautifully written, and they have bottom ... striking and dramatic' Nick Hornby, Believer

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