• Auld Testament Tales by Jamie Stuart

Auld Testament Tales by Jamie Stuart

Title:Auld Testament Tales by Jamie Stuart
Author:Jamie Stuart
Publisher:St Andrew Press
ISBN 10:0715206915
ISBN 13:9780715206911
Number of Pages:96
Year Published:

Book Summary

The fascination of a kaleidoscope attracts the attention of adult and child alike; individual pieces fall together to form an attractive pattern. The first part of the Bible, the Old Testament, is just such a kaleidoscope of word pictures - tales told and retold down through the centuries. The language can change, order can be rearranged, but the stories remain the same. From the startling colours of Joseph's coat to the poignancy of the story of Ruth, Jamie Stuart has Used the language of today to make the colour of each tale sparkle afresh. His kaleidoscope produces a picture that is fascinating and compelling.

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