• Revelation by Rev A. J. P. Garrow

Revelation by Rev A. J. P. Garrow

Title:Revelation by Rev A. J. P. Garrow
Author:Rev A. J. P. Garrow
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Ltd
ISBN 10:0415146410
ISBN 13:9780415146418
Number of Pages:152
Year Published:

Book Summary

Revelation claims to tell the story of 'what must soon take place', and yet, despite centuries of scholarly research, the order and content of this story has remained one of the greatest mysteries of all time.
Arguing that Revelation was designed to be heard in six separate instalments, A.J.P. Garrow's innovative book suggests a new and orderly understanding of the structure of the story. This development makes possible a new and coherent interpretation of 'what must soon take place'.
According to this study, John discerned a close connection between the present and the End. For today's readers, as for the members of the seven churches, this insight has profound implications for the way in which world events, weekly worship and everyday choices are perceived.

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