• Money to Burn by Ricardo Piglia

Money to Burn by Ricardo Piglia

Title:Money to Burn by Ricardo Piglia
Author:Ricardo Piglia
Publisher:Granta Books
ISBN 10:1862076650
ISBN 13:9781862076655
Number of Pages:256
Year Published:

Book Summary

Based on original reports and witness statements, Money to Burn tells the story of a gang of bandits who, fancying themselves as urban guerillas, raided a bank in downtown Buenos Aires. They escaped with millions of dollars in cash but six weeks later found their hideout surrounded by three hundred military police, journalists and TV cameras. The subsequent siege and its shocking outcome have become a Latin American legend. In Money to Burn, the renowned author and journalist Ricardo Piglia has turned myth into thriller. His combination of sharp psychological insight and witty dialogue, shot through with the variant mores of sexual transgression and prison subcultures, created an international bestseller.

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